Our Response to Covid-19

At Fluence we are committed to the safety and health of our community. We are based in NYC, and have and will continue to follow all state and local mandates regarding remote work. Starting in March of 2020 we began providing our training programs online, and will continue to either postpone or hold programs online until it is safe to gather in-person again. Many of our programs are hosted by other organizations such as the Open Center, Menla, ICPR, and Mindspace Wellbeing. We work with our hosts to determine alternate plans and cancellation policies. Our policy is the following:

○ All currently planned in-person programs through the end of June 2020 will be held online or postponed at the host’s discretion. For programs we host we will provide refunds to those who cannot attend a postponement date. For programs hosted at other organizations, please contact the host for a refund. 

○ All Currently and newly planned in-person programs in July through the end of 2020 will be planned with an alternative set of dates in the case of need for postponement. Please do not make travel arrangements until the stated postponement decision date for your event.

○All currently and newly planned online events will proceed as usual.

○We will do our best to provide timely and clear information for your planning, but we cannot be responsible for any costs associated with postponements, cancellations, travel plan changes. Please wait to book travel until the “postponement decision date” where applicable, and please purchase travel insurance or otherwise flexible travel options. 

If you have further questions or request assistance with a program change or cancellation please contact us at info@fluence8.com. This policy will be updated as-needed and in response to current conditions.

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